So you think you can bake...

Just for fun.
How good of a baker you are? Find out with this fun little quiz. Guarantee that you'll learn something new about baking.
So you think you can bake . . . . take this quiz and see.

1. Baking soda is:
a. An acid
b. An alkaline
c. Both an acid and an alkaline
d. Neither an acid nor an alkaline

2. The following may act as a leavening in a muffin:
a. Baking soda
b. Baking powder
c. Cream of tartar
d. All of the above

3. The following may be added to an icing to create a hard shell:
a. Fresh egg whites
b. Dry egg whites
c. Meringue powder
d. All of the above

4. The most reliable way to tell when a loaf of bread is baked is:
a. The color. The loaf should be brown.
b. The sound. The bread should sound hollow when thumped,
c. With a thermometer. The interior of the loaf should register at least 190 degrees.
d. With a timer. The time noted in the recipe should be accurate.

5. The following can cause cookies to spread too much:
a. Too low of heat
b. A dark pan instead of a silver pan.
c. Too little sugar.
d. Not enough grease on the pan.

6. You can tell if a quiche is done:
a. By gently shaking the pan to see if the quiche is set up.
b. By inserting a knife near the center to see if it comes out clean.
c. By inserting a thermometer to see what the internal temperature is.
d. All of the above.

7. Which of the following about eggs is NOT true:
a. An egg is part water.
b. In cooking or baking, the yolks set up before the whites do.
c. A tiny amount of fat from butter or the yolk will cause the whites to fail to beat properly into peaks when making meringue.
d. All of the above.

8. Which pie pan is least likely to result in a soggy bottom crust in a fruit pie?:
a. A clear glass pan.
b. A dark metal pan.
c. A stainless steel pan
d. It really doesn't matter.

9. When making a butter-based pie crust, you should:
a. Use soft butter to keep the dough pliable.
b. Use very cold butter.
c. Work quickly to keep the butter from melting.
d. B and c above

10. Which flour typically forms the most gluten?
a. Cake flour
b. All-purpose flour
c. Bread flour
d. Pastry flour

Score 8 to 10 right: Yes, you can bake.
Score 5 to 7 right: Yes, you can bake but you may want to brush up on the techniques and science of baking to be even better. Consider downloading and reading the free publications, “How to Bake” and “Ingredients and How They Work”.
Score less than 5 right: Don’t give up—chances are you can still bake--but check out the e-books and other resources in our free bakers’ library.

Answers: 1b 2d 3d 4c 5a 6d 7b 8b 9d 10c
Extracted from The Prepared Pantry.


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