Mooncakes, mooncakes and more mooncakes

Every year, during this period, I will spend quite a lot of money buying different flavours of mooncakes, either to give away, or for own consumption. For the past few years, it's either Tung Lok or Four Seasons or Raffles Hotel. These are my usual few favourites.

Actually, when I started trying to bake mooncakes, I thought I might stop buying them. However, I was lured by the discounts from my corporate sales, and the beautiful packing of the mooncakes on sales. The discounts range from 10% to 30% and it's usually very much better than credit card discounts! In the end, I bought two boxes- Baked white lotus mooncakes with single yolk from Meritus Mandarin for S$30nett and Mini Snow Skin with Champagnue, Bailey's, Cherry Brandy & Perppermint Tuffles from Tung Lok for S$32.10nett. Heehee... isn't that a good deal?!!? How to resist??

Meritus Mandarin Box

See how thin the skin is?

Tung Lok Mini Snow Skin


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