Wholemeal Bread

My sister told me she likes wholemeal bread with walnut. So I went to buy wholemeal flour and a big packet of wholemeals. It's healthier to eat wholemeal too! Since I've learn wholemeal in my baking school, I thought I might as well try baking them too! So I baked them today. The results were really satisfying!!

Mixing the wholemeal dough thoroughly for about 30mins at least to reach this stage, ie. all are mixed together & bind together! The temperature has to be right.

Put it to proof for about an hour.

After one hour, I use my finger to poke into the dough. If the hole doesn't bounce back, it means it's ready. Here, you can see the hole. It's ready for the next stage.

Divide the doughs and let it proof for another 15minutes.

I've already shaped them and added sunflower seeds on their top.

Brushed them with egg, and baked them in the oven.

Once they turned brown, they're ready to be taken out!

Three "spikes" on the bread. Nice brown shiny colour!

Cross section of my wholemeal bread. Looks good right? It tastes equally good wor!!


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