What's in my tarts?

Didn't feel like baking up a storm on Saturday after a couple of failed tries on sponge cake. So, I decided to bake tarts (from the leftover dough in the freezer).

Baked tart shells of two sizes.

Upclose with the crispy tart shells fresh from the oven. It was handmade, therefore, it wasn't uniform. :p

These are chocolate with Bailey's Irish creme caramel tartlets.

Pastry cream with Grand Marnier Orange.

Pastry cream with payaya bits (non alcoholic!)

Chocolate with Grand Marnier Orange.

Mini tartlets from left to right: pastry cream with Grand Marnier Orange, chocolate with Grand Marnier Orange & pastry cream with payaya bits.

Cross section of the chocolate Creme Caramel tart.

I baked breads on Friday evening. Didn't turn out to be as soft as I want them to be. There were bak kwa, kaya, Nutella chocolate & red beans.


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