Wholemeal Bread using "Tang Zhong" (湯種)

I read in Florence's blog that baking breads using the Tang Zhong (TZ) 湯種 method will yield very soft breads. So after seeking her advice, I decided to try it.

Cooking the TZ.

After mixing the dough, left it there to proof.

After about 1½ hour, the dough increase in its size inside the bowl.

I rolled it out and added pine nuts on it.

With the pine nuts, I rolled it like swiss roll and placed it in a non-stick bread pan.

The following day, I took it out from the proofing, added more pine nuts on top and brushed it with egg yolk. Then off to oven it goes.

This is the baked wholemeal bread with pine nuts. Doesn't look too brown...

The cross section feels soft and looks good.

Can see the cut pine nuts with this cross section. Can roughly tell the "swirl" of the bread.

Recipe is from Florence's comments in her blog. See 22nd comments in this blog entry.


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