Roses Decoration Workshops

One way to contantly sharpen your skills is to conduct a workshops so that you ensure that you don't forget the techniques. That was what I did lately. So far, I've had two Roses Decoration Workshops conducted at the comfort of my place. I had the youngest participant at 18, and a more senior lady who is a retiree. How nice it was to know them.

What the participants learned during the three hours workshop was to pipe roses using royal icing. According to the participants, that was the most challenging as skills and precision is required to get a pretty rose. Next up was moulding the roses with fondant. By adding colours to the fondant, you'll get coloured roses. If you have theme cake, then coloured roses can fit well in the decoration. It was rather easy for them to pick up the moulding of the roses. The participants were really good (in both sessions)!

Being someone who loves to entertain, I made some snacks for my participants to go with Rose tea. I thought they might like to have a short break in between to 'digest' what they had learn.

Finally, it was moulding chocolate roses. We made the moulding chocolates from scratch. Not sure if there are ready made ones, but it was easy to start from basic ingredients. The participants got a "taste" of how the moulding chocolate was like after mixing. Lots of kneading were required before the moulding chocolate was ready. It was...quite a challenge. Nonetheless, all the participants had equipped themselves with the know-how and the skills of moulding roses. I'm very happy when I see them leaving my place, happy with what they have learnt, and what they brought back. Most importantly, I am happy that I am able to impart my skills to them.


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