2nd Food Bloggers/Bakers' Potluck Party

*Due to low response, the party has been CANCELLED!*

Missed our first food bloggers' party? Here's your chance to know the many wonderful bakers cum bloggers in Singapore!

Due to popular demand, and an excuse to taste wonderful homemade/homebake food (without paying), here's our 2nd Food Bloggers/Bakers Potluck Party!

when? 27 nov 2009, friday (hari raya haji holiday)

what time? 12noon - 2pm

where? kitchen capers (kc) @ kallang bahru

* Register with your name, contact number, what you'll be baking/cooking/bringing and your blog url (if any) to Jane at aloyallyanders(a)gmail(dot)com.
* An email will be sent once your registration is confirmed.
* Bring food for sharing. Food can be homemade (preferred) or storebought or ready-made

* Anyone who bakes or cooks; or
* Food Blogger; or
* Blogger.

* Savour the most delectable homecook/homebake foods.
* Networking amongst all food bloggers, bakers, and bloggers.
* Meet the who's who in real person.

Since it's a month away from Christmas, you may bake some X'mas goodies to give away to your blogger friends. Not mandatory, no obligation, just some simple gesture if you would like to.

Special thanks to Gina again for hosting us!

Disclaimer: This party is held in Singapore only.


Passionate About Baking said...
November 4, 2009 at 9:54 PM

Hahaha...I won't take no for an answer from you, quizzine!! Let me go to your blog and see what I would like to eat! Yippeee!

quizzine said...
November 6, 2009 at 8:44 AM

ok u can select from the 'menu'...keke Tot u wanted the ondeh ondeh the last time? But nevermind, i can change anything for u ;-)

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