Saturday Produces

ss_blog_claim=10137a20ef909f35190fad80f481797f Did a couple of stuff on Saturday. Assemble my sponge cake, did a bread and did the sable viennois. At least all are edible. :p

Product 1: Blueberry Cake

Since I had the vanilla sponge cake, I thought might as well frost it up, and beautify it so it's more appealing.

Product 2: Green Tea with Red Bean Bread

The bread didn't rise much after baking.

However, the swirl was pretty nice, isn't it? LIke mirror image.

Recipe extracted from HHB, Green tea bread.

Product 3: Chocolate Sables Viennois

Piped a couple of different patterns.

Recipe extracted from Foodbeam, Les sablés viennois au chocolat.

These are the stuff I brought to my mother's house, all hand and home made! ;)


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