Tips to a good bake

Having experienced numerous failures in baking, let me share on how to produce a bake.

1) Prepare/weigh all your ingredients before you start baking.
2) Read through your recipe and methods before you start. Make sure you understand each step of the method.
3) Follow your ingredients closely and exactly.
4) Usually the baking time and temperature varies from oven to oven, therefore, it is very important to make a note of how much time it takes for you to bake the cake and at what temperature. The method provided in the recipe is only a guide, you'll still need to monitor on your own. Usually, for a fan oven, you'll need to reduce the temperature by 20C as given in the method.
5) For creaming butter & sugar, use a K-beater. For whisking egg whites, use a ballon whisk. For doughs, use a dough hook.

I'll add on should I remember anything else.


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