Mango Cake

I felt like baking a mango cake to give myself a good treat. So I spent the next 2-3 hours baking and decorating my mango cake. Give myself a pat on the back... Heehee...

Using the sponge cake mix, the cake rose very beautifully in the oven.

Sliced them up thinly in three pieces.

Add fresh cream and mangoes. First layer.

Second layer, another set of fresh cream and mangoes.

Cover up the cake with fresh creams all over. Foundation to a lady as to cream to a cake.

Give it some wave on the cream and topped it with mango.

The mango is so huge, covered up about 75% of the cake surface! Yummy!

Finally the cross section of my mango cake. Nine layers in total, high & delicious!

Cake recipe based on Alex Goh's sponge cake.


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