My Saturday Dinner

I planned my Saturday dinner since Thursday, inviting my parents and sisters over to my place for dinner. Partly is because want to relieve my mum from cooking every Saturday, secondly was because I felt like making pizzas as I still have bacons left in the fridge. :p
So my menu for Saturday was:
Appetizers - Lobster Bisque & Vol-au-vent.
Main - Pizzas (& leftover Fried Bee Hoon from lunch)
Dessert - Strawberry Mille Feuille.

This is what I made for dinner.

Preparing the lobsters to be steamed. Bought these on Friday evening at Giant.

Lobsters were shy after steaming. :p The before and after.

Made egg mayo for my Vol-au-vents.

Specially for my children - Chao Shao Pizza!

This is for me actually - Spicy Bak Kwa Pizza!

This is bacon & sausages pizza.

Similar to the previous one, except without olives. I baked a total of 7 pizzas! But we only finished 5 in total.

Finally, it's dessert. These are called Mille Feuille. I used strawberries, whipped cream & choc ganache.

Cross section of my Strawberry Mille Feuille.

I was so tired after preparing for the whole day! But I'm happy that my family enjoyed it and appreciate it. I don't mind doing it every week too! ;)


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