Milk Loaf Today

My sister's friend left for Paris, Le Cordon Bleu last Friday. She left a lot of baking stuff for me! Gee, my cupboard is really full of baking stuff now. I'm not complaining though, she had a lot of good quality stuff! I shall bake more often before the expiry dates!
I did Milk loaf today. But I don't know if it turned out well, but the look of the milk loaf was really nice and good.

Milk loaf just out from the oven.

Slice them up. Quite pro right?

Softness of the milk bread.

Packed them all into the container.

Recipe adapted from Happy Home Baking blog, Milk Loaf.

[Afternote: It was soft the following day. Except the yeast taste was quite strong. Can reduce the yeast.]


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