Baking Weekend!

It is a baking weekend for me, starting from Friday since I didn't work as my children had no school for that day. As I had quite a number of eggs left from the week before, I tried Traditional Lapis Cake. The result was great!

Bake I: Traditional Lapis Cake
Quite a lot of preparation work for the batter.

Grilling the cake layer...

by layer by layers.

Testing the doneness of the cake by poking a pin into it.

My final Tradition Cake Lapis. Nice 10 layers.

Recipe adapted from Florence's website, Traditional Cake Lapis.
Bake II: Wholemeal Bread
Steps to baking the bread.

Fresh from the oven wholemeal loaf.

Whole lot of wholesome wheat & oats.

Recipe adapted from Florence's blog, 65C Bread, under comments.
Bake III: My Chocolate Delight!
I created this for my family on Saturday. Wanted to do chocolate truffles for them, but the chocolate ganache was too soft due to couverture chocolate. So I did this instead.

Brought the whole container to my mum's place.
What's in the chocolate delight?
1. Chocolate Ganache
->semi sweet choc, dark chocolate couverture, whipping cream, butter & Rum.
2. Chocolate Delight
-> cherry, grape, blueberry, chocolate ganache, almond nibs, pistachio nut, crushed digestive biscuits. Topped it up with chocolate ganache, then sprinkle with valrhona cocoa powder.
Verdict: Wholesome! Just right & enough!


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