Chocolate Fudge Cake

There were quite a number of raves about the steamed moist chocolate cake from Peng's Kitchen. One was from SSB, and the other from a colleague. When I saw how beautiful it was, I was tempted to try this also.

I did it as a Father's Day cake for my father-in-law. I frosted the cake with chocolate fudge. The overall taste and texture was really good. It's really worth making.

On the same day I steamed the cake, I also made a focaccia bread. My colleague gave me a jar of Rustic Tuscan Seasoning that she had bought from US previously. The seasoning smell very good. It was meant for chicken basically. As I don't roast chicken that often, I've decided it should go into my focaccia. True enough, with this seasoning, the focaccia was extremely extremely good!


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