A Trip to Genting and KL

During the early June school holidays, we decided to bring the children and my parents to Genting and KL. This was partly because my domestic helper has gone back for her home leave! Since I had to take leave to care for the children, might as well bring them out for a short trip! Actually it was quite poorly planned because my eldest son needed to go back to school for his supplementary classes. But alas, since we have already booked the trip, we proceeded with it!

We took the Grassland Royal VIP coach to Genting. It was a long time since I took a coach to Malaysia. I must say, I was rather happy with the comfort of the coach, and I don't mind taking a coach there again! It's so convenient and fast! We checked in to Resort Hotel at Genting. The rooms had been renovated compared to I was there a decade ago! It was quite refreshing.
Here is the summary of our trip!

Day 1: Buffet Dinner at Coffee Terrace, followed by Glitz show at the Pavilion.
Day 2: Played at the Outdoor Theme Park.
Tim Sum lunch at Genting Palace Restaurant.
Back to Outdoor Theme Park.
Then dinner at Genting Palace Restaurant again. (Dad's favourite place)
Played at Indoor Theme Park.
We had to queue for every rides, until my feet was really sore!
Day 3: Buffet Breakfast at Coffee Terrace. Then made our way to KL.
Checked in to Berjaya Times Square Hotel.
Had high tea at Secret Recipe.
Took monorail and LRT to Chinatown. (Thanks to Pei-Lin for her information!)
Went back to Berjaya for dinner - Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant.
Continue shopping after dinner.
Day 4: Buffet Breakfast at Big Apple in the hotel.
Took a cab to KLCC, hoping to get into Petronas Twin Towers. However, disappointment as all the tickets were sold out!
We headed to Lot 10 at Bukit Bintang instead.
Had lunch at their famous Hutong.
Continue shopping at Sungei Wang.
Went back to Berjaya Times Square, Theme Park.
Dinner at Restoran Oversea Corporation.
Continue shopping at Berjaya after dinner. 
Day 5: Buffet breakfast at Big Apple in hotel.
Checked out, and continued last minute shopping.
Lunch at Papa John's pizzas.
Bought some buns from Bread Story.
Set off to take the coach back to Singapore at 3.30pm.
It was the first trip to Genting and KL for my twins. They enjoyed the trip very much, playing, eating and buying angry birds' stuffs! I was glad all of us enjoyed the trip and had a great holiday!
My personal favourites are:
  1. Genting Palace Restaurant - the prices are not exceptional cheap, but the food is really nice and fresh. The sweet and sour pork was very good! We had to order two servings to curb the children's likings!
  2. 胡同@Lot 10 - Truly nostagia place with wonderful good foods! The soyabean drink was very thick and smooth! Eat it with youtiao made one very satisfied! The fried hokken mee was very good too! The lard made it very smooth and tasty! Everything there just looked very good! Read more here.
  3. 海外天 @ Jalan Imbi - Boasted by a taxi driver about their very famous bbq pork (叉烧) for RM50 for a small pack. We decided to try it, and true enough, it's all worth the money!! When it was served, it was hot. It has a very nice sweet honey taste. The bbq pork has one layer meat, one layer fats, with a total of 5 layers. The meat part was very soft and the fatty parts melt in the mouth! It was the best bbq pork I ever had!! The fried noodles was also very tasty! Wanton noodles (mee kia) was used to fry. It is different from the usual HK noodles we had!
  4. Gelatomio - They have one of the best gelatos I ever had! Two scoops for RM6.60 is truly well worth the price! We ate three times in a row! My parents love their black sesame, while I like their sorbet selections and the Green Tea! It's a must-try if you ever come across a stall!


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