Cookie Art Workshop 16 Aug 09

This was the third lesson conducted by me. Every week, I looked forward to this workshop. Why? Because I get to know more people, and get to share my baking experience with them. I'm not one who knows all and do all. I also learnt from the participants. I realised that what they usually don't know and asked me, are those that I've been through. It seemed like a common bakers' problem faced. For example, oven temperature, decorating cakes, baking cakes etc. It just feels good to share what I learn with them, so that they can experience it and will not make the same mistakes in future.

These were the lovely group for that day. They were cutting out the dough for baking.

They were so engrossed decorating their cookies.

As one group wanted to learn the flowers, I taught them using the #104 piping nozzle. And they were really good! Even my first attempt on piping the petals were not as good as what they had produced! Good job!


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