Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seed Loaves

My recent favourite baking is breads. It is a staple in my family. Especially when I have attended several bread workshops, I have more confidence in baking better breads for my family.
Recipe for Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seed Loaves, modified from天然麵包香Natural Breads Made Easy.
(Makes 2 loaves, or 1 1/2 loaves with 6 buns)

Pre-ferment dough
411g Bread flour
235g Water
4g Instant Yeast
6g Fine salt
12g Milk powder

1) Prepare pre-ferment dough: Mix yeast with water, then combine the rest of the ingredients.  Knead till smooth dough. Cover and keep in fridge for at least 17 hours before use. (I kept this for about 24 hours.)

Main dough
176g Bread flour
18g Milk powder
6g Fine salt
2g Instant yeast
59g Fine sugar
59g Water
41g Liv unsalted butter
135g Mashed cooked pumpkin
88g Raw shredded pumpkins

100g (approx) Pumpkin seeds for decorations

2) Mix all ingredients for main dough except shredded pumpkins till combined. Gradually add in the pre-fermented dough, piece by piece and knead to get a smooth dough. (about 5mins on low speed)

3) Add in the shredded pumpkins and butter and knead to form a smooth and elastic dough. (about 5 mins on medium speed) Check for window pane test. Cover and proof the dough for 30 minutes.

4) Divide the dough equally into two if doing two loaves. Shape the dough and place aside and let it rest for 15mins.

5) Roll the dough out flat, and roll it up tight like swiss rolls and seal it tightly.

6) Spray the top and sides with water. Then roll it on a tray of pumpkin seeds.
7) Place it into a bread loaf pan and let it proof for 45mins.
8) Bake in preheated oven of 180C for 30-35 minutes till golden brown.

9) Remove from the baking pan immediately after baking. Let it cool completely before consuming.
bread_pumpkin03 bread_pumpkin05 bread_pumpkin06


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