One-Ninety at Four Seasons Hotel

The latest sisters' lunch we had was at One-Ninety at Four Seasons Hotel. Thanks to my eldest sister's treat this round, we had a good time. The food was good, and the company was great. We usually take turns to pay for our gatherings. Next round will be my turn. :)

Here is a review of the food we had. Surprisingly, on a weekend, the place was only half filled. I suppose most Singaporeans like to go for full buffet food where all the cooked food are displayed for guests to select. In One-Ninety, the guest selects one entree from the menu, while the appetizer and desserts are buffet style.
Selection of Entree
Appetiser Spread includes Char Siew, Roast Pork, Grilled zucchinis, Sushis, Cheese Platters, Hams, Variety of fresh tomatoes & carrots, cold prawns, fresh salads, etc. There was another table for mixing fresh salads with dressings like Yuzu, extra virgin olive oil and many others!

Dessert Spread includes Hazelnut Tortes, Cheesecake, Macarons, Lemon Meringue Cake, Mixed Berries Crumbles, Red Velvet Cake etc.
Beverages selection include Chamomile Tea, Green Tea, Peppermint Tea, Earl Grey, English Tea, Cappuccino, Lattes etc.
First entree: Apple-Wood Grill Angus Tenderloin. The tenderloin was medium well. It was a nice cut. You can still see the redness in the meat, which was how we like it done. It was soft and tender, and not at all chewy. The mushroom sauce compliment the tenderloin well. The grilled romaine lettuce was sweet with nice charred taste.
Second entree: Miso Glazed Hokkaido Scallops. This was really good. You can feel the succulence of the scallops. It was cooked just right. The scallop was wobbly when you bite into it. The juice from the scallop just ooze out to my mouth. I like that juicy big scallop. Wish I didn't have to share this! Miso taste wasn't that prominet. The purple potato cracker was nice.
Third entree: Confit Tasmanian Trout. Thick slice of trout which looked and tasted like Salmon. Ordinary taste. Nothing special about this trout, though the spinach tasted good.
Four entree: Risotto Funghi. Notice the truffle slice? Yeah, this was good...really good. The mushroom taste was very very strong. Good for mushroom lovers like us. Risotto was cooked to a perfect texture, not too hard nor soft, just right to chew it. The risotto probably was simmer in the gravy as I can fully taste the funghi in each grain itself! I can't really taste the herbs though. This was power!
My choice of appetizers.
My favourite desserts. I was happy to have tasted so many flavours in one go!!
Overall, this is a good place to relax on weekends.  If you don't like the typical buffet spread other places are offering, then this will be a good place to spend your time. Lunch buffet is till 3pm.
For the month of July, there is a GSS promotion. For $48+++ and above selection, with every four guests, one eats free. This gives you more excuse to visit it in July, doesn't it?

We paid fully for the food. This is a not a sponsored post.

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore 
190 Orchard Boulevard 
248646 Singapore 
Tel. +(65) 6734-1110 Fax. +(65) 6733-0682


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