Golden Apple Streusel Tart

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Suddenly had the urge to eat apple pie. So I decided to try this recipe from Gordon. Perhaps, it was the other way round. I borrowed this book from the library, and it seemed to be calling out to me to bake it and eat it. So I did! I really love this tart. Using Granny Smith green apple, it was very tarty (and quite sourish). You also see that I used very little sugar for the fillings. It's all so authetic apple taste. I really love it!
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Recipe for Golden  Apple Streuel Tart, modfied from Gordon Ramsay, "Desserts".
Makes 8" and 6" tarts

Pate Sucree
Makes for a 8" and 6" round tart pan

125g Liv unsalted butter, softened
75g Caster sugar
2 tsp Vanilla extract
1 large Whole egg, lightly beaten
250g Plain flour
A pinch of fine salt

  1. Using an electric mixer, beat the butter and sugar together in a bowl smooth and creamy, but not fluffy. Add the vanilla extract to the mixture.
  2. With the mixer on slow speed, gradually incorporate the beaten egg. Scrap down the sides.
  3. Sift the flour and salt together. With the mixer on its lowest speed, add the flour in 3 or 4 stages. As soon as the mixture comes together as a crumbly dough, stop the machine.
  4. Gather the dough together and turn on to a lightly floured surface, briefly knead it with your hands until smooth. Avoid over-working the pastry or it will become softened by the warmth of your hands.
  5. Wrap in a cling film. Leave to rest in the refrigerator for at least 30 mins or over night before rolling out.
  6. Roll out the pate sucree thinly and use to line a 8" and 6" tart pans, with removable base.
  7. Line the pastry case with parchment paper and baking beans, then chill for 20mins.
  8. Bake the pastry case blind for 15mins at 190C, then remove from the oven and take out the parchment paper and baking beans. Set aside.
Golden Apple Fillings
5 Granny Smith (green apples)
50g LIV unsalted butter
1 tsp Ground cinnamon, heaped
2 tsp Brown sugar
100g Golden jumbo raisins

Streusel Toppings
75g Plain flour
40g butter
20g Brown sugar
5 pieces Digestive biscuits, finely crushed

  1. Peel, quarter and core the apples, then cut into 1-2cm dice.
  2. Heat the butter in a large frying pan until sizzling  Toss in the app cubes and saute for about 5-7 mins until golden brown and slightly softened.
  3. Add the ground cinnamon and sugar, stirring occasionally until thickened. 
  4. Add the raisins in, stir and mix well. Set aside to cool.
  5. To make the streusel topping, sift the flour into a bowl. Add sugar to mix.
  6. Rub in the butter until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.
  7. Stir in the crushed biscuits.
To assemble:
  1. Spoon in the apples mixture into the half baked pastry crust.
  2. Pinch the toppings evenly over the fruits in an even layer.
  3. Bake the tarts at 190C for 30mins until the topping is crisp and golden.
  4. Transfer the tin to a wire rack and leave to cool slightly.
  5. To unmould, press up the base of the tin and slide the streusel tart on a large serving plate.
  6. Serve warm, with creme chantilly.


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