Chocolate & Coffee Layered Cake

February is a month of birthdays in my family. As usual, my younger sister will make her request for cakes. She usually request for chocolate cupcakes with loads of swiss meringue buttercreams. This year, she requested for the Mocha Checkered Cake. However, instead of making it checkered, I layered it.

For the layering, I used Chocolate buttercream, whereas for the external frosting, I made Coffee buttercream by adding 1.5tsp instant coffee to 1 tsp hot water to swiss meringue buttercream. The cake was very well received. The coffee buttercream was very strong and fragrant. Everybody liked it, especially my sister who loves buttercream so much!
Cake layers from base - coffee cake, chocolate buttercream, chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, coffee cake, chocolate buttercream, chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, coffee cake and finally coffee buttercream.

[Note: For coffee paste, I strongly recommend using Nescafe Classic Instant Coffee granules. The coffee taste is very strong in the cake layer and coffee buttercream. This instant coffee granules seems to be bake-able, to be able to produce good coffee taste and aroma.]


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