Christmas Gathering

We had another gathering on Christmas Day with our long time friend. They are my spouse's polytechnic friends. So they had known one another for at least two decades! There were three families altogether. Both the families have two children each. We had roasted turkey, honey baked ham and pizzas for dinner. I made carrot cake as requested by one of the girlfriend, and chocolate tarts. They were quite impressed with the desserts I bought over.

The children had fun playing with one another, while the husbands enjoyed themselves drinking red wines. As for the wives, we sat around and chit chat, talking about our school-going children. Since all of us had children, we hardly have chance to gather. So when we meet, we will eat & be merry, we will ended up going back late. By the time we left their house, it was already 1.30am on Boxing Day! It was really fun, eating & drinking & talking! I had to drive the family home as my husband had too much drink!

The Carrot Cake recipe was from Yochana's blog. This recipe is really easy, and it's definitely a keeper.

The Chocolate Tarts were of course, my usual recipe.


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