A visit to Chek Jawa

Chek what? "Chek Jawa is a 100-hectare wetlands located on the south-eastern tip of Pulau Ubin, an island off the north-eastern coast of the main island of Singapore." - Wikipedia.
End of June, my department's Welfare Officer organised a visit to Chek Jawa. I was very happy I was able to join the excursion even though I was very busy at work. It was an almost one day excursion out to Chek Jawa. We gathered at Changi Ferry Terminal to take a ferry across to Pulau Ubin. I understand the tour had to be booked very early in advance as it was very popular. What made it even more popular was that the day which we visited was the last day of the tour for the year as they closed for renovation of the platoon. Visiting the Chek Jawa wetlands had to be very early as it depends very much on the tide.

We were amazed by how much sea creatures we can find right in our "door-step". After this excursion, I will be planning to bring my family to visit Chek Jawa when it opens again in 2013. You can still go to Pulau Ubin for trekking and hiking or cycling. But I'll give it a pass... For me, the main attraction in Pulau Ubin is Chek Jawa Wetlands.

Bumboat ride to Pulau Ubin
Arrived at the jetty.
Wild boars roaming. Estimated to have 2000 wild boars roaming in Pulau Ubin.
IMG_0127 IMG_0129
Mangrove plants
Fiddler Crab - Crab with one big pincer.
IMG_0141 IMG_0147
View from the platform. Low tide, you can see very far.
Need to climb down the platoon to view the sea creatures. This was the platoon that will be undergoing major renovations for the next six months. The lady on the left, in white, was our NPark guide for the day. The whole wetland tour took us 90mins.
Hermit crab.
IMG_0164 IMG_0166 IMG_0168 IMG_0170 IMG_0172 IMG_0181 IMG_0188 IMG_0192 IMG_0196
Sea cucumbers - different species for the next three pictures.
IMG_0197 IMG_0203 IMG_0206
Anemone - expands in water, contracts without water to retain its moisture.
IMG_0211 IMG_0213
Horseshoe crab
IMG_0229 IMG_0224 
View from the Jawa Tower


Your Welfare Officer said...
July 7, 2012 at 1:40 AM

It's pontoon, not platoon (army); and Jejawi Tower.
I like this post, thanks. :-)

passionbaker said...
July 8, 2012 at 9:49 AM

Ok, thanks for the update.

Parça Kontör said...
July 9, 2012 at 10:41 PM

Creatures created by God to watch

seo ekibi

Rosa Michelle said...
July 17, 2012 at 4:42 PM

The pictures are really great

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