WGS2012 Citibank Gastronomic Jam Session

Few weeks back, I dated my baking buddy, Doris, to go to World Gourmet Summit 2012, Citibank Gastronomic Jam Session with me. The programme for that day looked very interesting. I was drawn by the different cuisines that will be presented by the Master chefs from all over the world. I attended a free session some three years back. This new Jam session was one of the cheaper one I could afford. LOL.

The day started early as Doris and myself met up for breakfast at Vivo City before heading to Resort World, USS. I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that the emcees for the event were Hossan Leong and Maggie Lim, DJs for Gold90FM. They were very spontaneous and candid. However, at certain times, I found they talked too much that prevented the chefs from talking. Overall, the event was truly an eye-opener. We learnt about ingredients, cooking and baking tips from the renown chefs. We were glad we made it to the session!

Let the pictures do the talking. I apologised for the quality of the pictures as (1) my spouse took the better camera for his business trip, (2) the pictures were taken off the screen, and (3) my camera quality simply didn't do the justice!
Stage 28, Universal Studio
Our hosts for the entire event - Hossan Leong & Maggie Lim. I really like Hossan!
Organiser for WGS, Peter Knipps.
Morning session 1st event - Chef Pietro D'Agostino's Salted Baked Fish.wgs2012_05
From left: Tofu Mousse by Chef Lino Sauro, Chocolate Mousse by both chefs and Salted Baked Fish by Chef Pietro
2nd event.
Chef Andre looked charming! :p
Top two creations by Chef Dani. Bottom two creations by Chef Andre.
Our morning tea break - Italian biscuits.
Our high class drinking water - in carbonated and non-carbonated.
3rd event.
Top two creations by Chef Paco. Bottom two by Chef Dani. The tomato was re-created from vegetable puree, and dipped it in nitrogen to harden, then coat with colouring.
4th event.
Four fast and fresh raw creations by Chef Pedro.
Good and simple lunch. From top left: Beef, lamb, teriyaki mackerel with chicken rice and salmon with potatoes.
Some biscuits and buns. The salted brown bun was really nice.
Top left: Peanut with Chocolate and apricot mousse, mousse and apricot cheesecake. Don't you think the chocolate mousse container is really nice? I had a couple of this, it was really fantastic!
Afternoon session 1st event.
Chef Marco's Steak au Poivre. The trick to make the peppercorn stick to the steak is to add corn flour to the peppercorn and mix them together. Chef Marco endorses Knorr products.
2nd event.
Can't remember what the 1st dish was called. But it's beef. 2nd dish is another Steak au Poivre done by Chef Ian.
3rd event - Barista by Jason Tan.
This was how Jason did his swan version on a latte.
4th event.
Up close with Chef Janice. A friendly and soft spoken chef she is. And full of ideas and colour creations.
Top from left: Red theme using strawberry puree, yellow & white theme using passionfruit puree, a large rose using blackberry puree, and lilac theme using blackberry puree.
These were what we lugged back...past issues of the magazines. The magazines were on the display table whereas the apron, mini olive oil and porcelain spoon were given out in a paper carrier. Good souvenirs from the event.


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