More Pound, more variety!

Despite attending my Barista Training Workshop for two evenings this week , I still find some time to do some baking. One of the cake, had to be pound cake again! Not that I purposely wanted to bake pound cake, but it was actually a request from a colleague to have pound cake. Actually she requested for blueberry pound cake, but I baked an orange coconut cream cheese pound cake for her instead. My excuse was - I don't have blueberries at home. :p Partly also because I still have cream cheese and I want to use them up. I discover that by adding desiccated coconut to the orange pound cake, it makes a whole lot of differences! It's a new "concotion" I discovered, and I'm rather happy with the combi. Anyone of you can try it too! :p

I also made some chocolate banana jam because my children told me that they like the bread with jam in school. So I thought I'll made them some jam. However, after I made the jam, they didn't want to take it. *sigh* children!

Today, I decided to bake some breads, and swiss rolls was decided some last minute. Nowadays, I like to prepare bread dough the night before, and do the rest the following morning. Usually, it'll be Friday prepare dough and Saturday to mould and bake. Then I'll leave the dough in the fridge to proof. I also added pre-ferment dough to the fresh dough to make it softer. Today, I made plain buns (for my egg mayo), pork floss buns (of different shapes) and white lotus buns with black sesame seeds. It's really not easy baking food for a family of 6. If they like the food, it'll be gone in a day or two. However, if they don't like, the food can be kept for a week and nobody eats! I had to bake about 16 buns on weekend to see us through Sunday breakfast. That means 400g of flour (bread + plain). See what I meant by feeding a family of 6, almost like a small football team!

I was testing out the swiss roll cake sheet for a cake order next week. Not wanting to waste the cake, I used the chocolate banana jam as my filling and added whipped cream to it. It tasted rather good, even though the whipping cream was rather thick. I've not baked swiss rolls for a long long time!


cherry potato said...
October 25, 2009 at 9:35 AM

Your chocolate banana swiss roll make me hungry now....

Kitchen Corner said...
October 25, 2009 at 3:55 PM

Hi Jane,
There are lots of bakes! I bet the orange pound cake taste good with the coconut. Great combination! For the bread, there are all nicely baked with even color. My oven hardly produce all the same

Passionate About Baking said...
October 25, 2009 at 7:10 PM

Hi cherry potato,
You sure? Hahaha...Looks only. But I think this recipe produced soft sponge.

Hi Grace,
Thanks. Not a lot actually. Ya, you sould try orange and desiccated coconut, they really taste great together!
Yo buddy, your oven and mine is exactly the same. All your breads turned out so pretty, it doesn't look like they are uneven. What happened actually?

cherry potato said...
May 19, 2011 at 5:48 PM

Your chocolate banana swiss roll make me hungry now....

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