Happy Wedding Anniversary

Some weeks back, I've already hinted to my hubby that we should be celebrating our wedding anniversary soon, and that we should go for a good meal. He got the hint. I suggested Jaan, a french fine dining restaurant in Equinox Complex. He was reluctant though, after hearing from my younger sister who also lately celebrated her wedding anniversary there, that it's not so filling after ordering their set dinner.

The reason why I suggested there was because of the Feed At Raffles card, which entitles us to a 50% discount on foods. So better to eat quality than quantity. After much discussion, and having checked with my elder sister on where is good since my hubby said Jaan might not be filling for him, she suggested Inagiku's teppanyaki. Heeding her advice, he made reservations for Thursday and informed the restaurant that we are celebrating our wedding anniversary.

So on Thursday evening, my hubby and I headed to Raffles City separately and met at Fairmount lobby before heading to Inagiku. He had bought me a small bouquet of flowers despite having to rush from his course to pick up the car at home. That was really sweet of him. As we had wanted to try their teppanyaki, my hubby had reserved to be seated at the teppanyaki table, so as to see the chef in action.

These were what we had.

Complimentary Beef broth from the chef. He said this was boiled using radish, beef and rice wine. Very good indeed.

Inagiku Yasai Salad with their Inagiku dressings. However, the chef gave us his special olive oil and onion dressings instead. I thought that dressing went very well with our greens. There was some crispy flakes plus seaweed. It made the overall salad taste very fresh and healthy! Cost: $15.00

Teppanyaki King Prawns with Inagiku Original Golden Sauce. This had many good reviews from most of the food reviews I found in the websites. I told the chef I've heard so much about the golden sauce that I must really try and have more. Aftering hearing this, he cooked more sauce and placed it on my plate. The sauce was really really special. Cost: $65.00.

However, having eaten quite a lot of the sauce (more than the prawns now), I was really getting very very full. I had to ask him to slow down first. I was pretty glad that we went in the weekday where the place wasn't packed. The chef, Sous Chef Eric Yong, was able to drop by our area and chit-chat with us often. Not only that, he also took picture with us. He is very friendly and warm. He even shared some of his recipes with me! Hahaha... Too friendly? As the evening went, there were slightly more crowd. So we told him to proceed with our next dish.

Australian Teppanyaki Wagyu Sirloin Beef Steak (150g). We ordered medium well initially. However, he suggested we should take medium instead. So we heed his suggestion and took medium. No regrets. Medium was just PERFECT! The outside was crispy, the inside was tender & juicy. It wasn't chewy, and not bloody. The sesame sauce that came with it was very good too. I would have thought it was peanut sauce had he not taught me how to do it! Hahaha... Cost: $120.00.

Followed closely after Wagyu Beef was the Garlic Rice. Luckily we cancelled the Fried Chicken Rice during our "prawns" break. Otherwise, we really couldn't finish the food! The garlic rice was pretty different from those which I took in Japan. I asked him why and he said we won't be able to take the rawness of the japanese garlic. Well, I'll leave it at that then. Cost: $7.00.

Our Teppanyaki Assorted Mushrooms also came immediately after the rice. It was cooked with butter. The buttery taste with the mushrooms do blend. Very fragrant. He used unsalted butter as he told me. We didn't finish this as we were really to the brink of our throat! We didn't realised we had ordered too much! Cost: $30.00.

Actually, it was really considerate of the service staff to split the salad and the garlic rice into two bowls for us. All the food that we ordered, is only one share. But it came in two bowls. On and off, when we were resting, we saw how they prepared the prawns in their special sauce. First, he fried the prawns. Then he gathered the prawns together and poured the golden sauce on top of the prawns. He lit a match-stick with fire, poured some rice wine through the match-stick and burned the prawns and let it cooked for a while. He scooped up the prawns and over-turned it into the serving plate, which meant the golden sauce is now below. Topped it with fish roes and apparagus and served.

Finally, after paying the bill, we were given complimentary Green Tea Chocolate each. A thin white chocolate shell covered with green tea powder and sugar, with soft green tea fillings. This is just perfect as it is not sweet, but has very good green tea taste.

Lastly, we were given a Chocolate Cake for our wedding anniversary celebration. We just couldn't cut the cake there as we were really really full! The cost indicated were before discounts. After discount, it came out to be slightly below $150.00. It was really a money well spent for the quality food. Now, my hubby cannot complaint that he is not full, he complaint that he is too full!! Before we left, Chef Yong said he hope to see us back there again. Uh...

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to my dear hubby!


Elyse said...
March 14, 2009 at 10:57 AM

Happy Anniversary!! What a fabulous feast.

Happy Homebaker said...
March 14, 2009 at 2:24 PM

Happy Anniversay!
No matter how hard you try to blur your photo, you cannot hide the fact that you are such a pretty woman ;)

Passionate About Baking said...
March 14, 2009 at 10:28 PM

Hi Elyse,
Thank you for your well wishes.

Thank you for your well wishes. My sister's hair stylist used to tell her,"there is no ugly women in this world, only lazy women." Well, I'm only pretty from far, or when blurred! ;)

Kitchen Corner said...
March 15, 2009 at 8:32 PM

Hi Jane,
Happy Anniversary!
I agree with HHB, you're such a pretty women. Your hubby are so lucky to have you! 10 years wasn't easy but you both have got a wonderful family!

Passionate About Baking said...
March 15, 2009 at 8:46 PM

Hi Grace,
Thanks! Heehee...you are just being so kind to me! You're also a pretty woman yourself! Actually you're not only pretty, but very pleasant too! :) Soon, you'll join me to have an extended family...won't you? ;) "Jia You!!"

thecoffeesnob said...
March 21, 2009 at 12:09 PM

Happy belated wedding anniversary to you and your hubby, Jane! What a feast you guys had!

Kitchen Corner said...
May 19, 2011 at 5:50 PM

Hi Jane,
Happy Anniversary!
I agree with HHB, you're such a pretty women. Your hubby are so lucky to have you! 10 years wasn't easy but you both have got a wonderful family!

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