Baking my Bak Kwa Bread

This is my first time baking breads after my baking course. Not too bad though!

After mixing the dough, cling wrapped and proof for about 15minutes. I need to proof for about 1 hour as it was quite hot today.

Weigh your dough and shape it, then leave to proof again. This time, I proof it in the oven instead.

After 25mins, I rolled it out like swiss roll and placed my cut bak kwa onto it and roll it up.

These are my rolled bread dough with bak kwas.

These are proofed in the oven for about three hours. See how big they have "grown"!

Baking in the oven. Transforming the dough into REAL breads!

These are my blackist breads.

Although it looked blackist, but the taste was really good! It's sweet!

See the cross section of my bread, it has bak kwa pieces inside. Sweet sweet, yum yum!


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