It's Choux's Time!

I had previously wanted to make choux pastry, but have been putting them off. Still in my mind about making choux, I finally got to bake it today.

Before I rattled on with my choux pastry, I did a cream cheese pound cake from Litte Corner of Mine. It was supposed to be "awesomely delicious" but mine turned out "awesomely awful"! *Sigh* I still need to practice more on such simple & classic cakes. It's weird how sometimes I can bake nice beautiful cheesecake, but can't bake a pound cake well. I must be very lucky in my previous bake then! :> I suspected it was because I creamed the butter too long, resulting in some parts of the cake "unbaked".

I had meat dumpling for dinner last night. It was made by my auntie. I'm a lover of dumplings, especially my mum's! However, my mum has stopped making dumplings since my grandmother passed away. So now, no more mum's dumplings. My auntie's dumpling is somewhere close to hers, and it's nice. I'll have to pay for it outside should I craved for one then!

Tonight, I prepared tuna sandwich with Gardenia Foccacia. I toasted the Foccacia with cheese slice, added romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, then topped with tuna with mayo. Yummy! But my twins DIDN'T like them! *faint* My eldest was opposite. He have two servings! *Haiz* Difficult to please all... I just have to please myself and eat them can already! What a mother I am!!

Back to my choux. I used the recipe from Alex Goh's "Irresistable Pastry" and found that the choux pastry was dense inside. I prefer them to be lighter inside. But I didn't bother to scrap them out. I prefer Aunt Yochana's recipe compared to this.

I filled the insides with cream cheese, mixed with butter, icing sugar and orange zest. The cream cheese frosting was a recipe by Anna. Equal amount of cream cheese with butter, add 75% of icing sugar. I added orange zest to make it more refreshing. But realised can't really taste it. Then topped them with chocolate ganache. My children loved the fillings very much. And I think it goes very well with the chocolate. Of course, the fillings cannot be too much as there is butter taste in it, unlike whipping creams.


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