Lessons Continue

The last two lessons were on piping of royal icings. The stiff consistency required your "bull" strength. Whatever you have taken for dinner, were "purged" out piping the laces using the stiff royal icing consistency. Fortunately, Amy (our instructor) was really very nice. She asked if we wanted some chiffon cakes, left over from the advance cake module classes, and we said yes as we need more strength. She brought over three chiffons for us-Orange, Pandan and Chocolate. We liked the chiffons, and for me, Pandan Chiffon as I was thinking about it just a couple of days ago! Hahaha...what a coincidence!

The following lesson was on flooding pictures. Amy gave us a pictures to practice our floodings. The outline was made using a rather stiff consistency while the flooding was made by using runny consistency. The result of the look was supposed to be like "embossed" effect, which can be really nice. The rest of my coursemates chose pictures with colours added, while I chose a pair of doves with bells, like a wedding decoration, which required no addition of colours. As the flooding takes about three days to dry up, we left it in the class, and will get to see the results only next week! That evening, Amy brought over some mixed grain breads and some olive oil for us to eat. We took a break in between class to snack and enjoy. I really look forward to the classes every week, to learn and to enjoy the "free" food (as food is not supposed to be part of the curriculum!!) Not only do we have some food from Amy, one of our coursemate (Margaret) also baked some snacks for us to try. So far, she has made chocolate cheesecake, brownie and fruit tarts for us on different days. So, how not to put on weight?? :p


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