My colleague told me about putting cheese & sugar on the bread will be nice. So I decided to try, and plait up my breads.

Baking the big cheese & sugar loaf.

This is the smaller version of the cheese & sugar bread.

Baked browned cheese & sugar loaf.

The varieties included cheese & sugar and bak kwa breads. Finally used up my bak kwas.

This was how the inside of the bread is like. I think it's very soft and nice. My successful attempt!

This was the bak kwa bread. Looks soft & nice too!

Recipe extracted from my baking school.

Chocolate Hazelnut Swiss Rolls

Felt like going back to my basics again. Failed at my sponge cake attempt, I tried to do my chiffon style again. This time, I follow strictly again on my chiffon method cake. I put it into the sheet pan, wanting to do swiss rolls...again.

My flat sheet cake.

Topped with chocolate glacage, whipped cream & crushed hazelnuts.

Roll it up and coat it with chocolate glacage...

and sprinkled it with snow powder.

Cross section of the Chocolate Hazelnuts Swiss Roll.

Recipe extracted from my baking school.

What's in my tarts?

Didn't feel like baking up a storm on Saturday after a couple of failed tries on sponge cake. So, I decided to bake tarts (from the leftover dough in the freezer).

Baked tart shells of two sizes.

Upclose with the crispy tart shells fresh from the oven. It was handmade, therefore, it wasn't uniform. :p

These are chocolate with Bailey's Irish creme caramel tartlets.

Pastry cream with Grand Marnier Orange.

Pastry cream with payaya bits (non alcoholic!)

Chocolate with Grand Marnier Orange.

Mini tartlets from left to right: pastry cream with Grand Marnier Orange, chocolate with Grand Marnier Orange & pastry cream with payaya bits.

Cross section of the chocolate Creme Caramel tart.

I baked breads on Friday evening. Didn't turn out to be as soft as I want them to be. There were bak kwa, kaya, Nutella chocolate & red beans.

Minced Pork Century Eggs Congee

Once a while, besides baking, I like to cook too. I'll try the simplier foods to cook. Saturday noon, I decided to cook congee-Mince Pork Century Eggs Congee. The texture was quite alright, but a bit too bland as I didn't add any soya sauce/salt to the congee.

I love my congee to have lots of condiments-spring onion, fried onion, fried onion oil, pepper and ginger.

The texture is quite smooth, would be better if it's boiled longer.

My own recipe.

Liquor Balls

Felt like doing something simple this evening, so I chose to do Liquor Balls. I used other liquors instead of Rum this time.

Almond Creme Caramel Balls.

Almond Kahlua Mint Balls.

Recipe from my baking school. This is part of waste management recipe.

Marble Sourcream Pound Cake

As I have a few cups of sour cream left over from baking Christy's cupcakes, I decided to use them to bake marble sourcream pound cake.

Creaming the butter with sugar and adding the sour cream.

This was the bigger pound cake design before baking...

...and this was after baking.

This was another design after baking, for my parents in law.

The cross section of my marble sourcream pound cake.

Recipe is extracted from Zu's Kitchen-Marble Sourcream Pound Cake.

Chocolate Bread Loaf

I wanted to bake Chocolate Chips bread loaf for my children. Ended up, it became like just Chocolate loaf! Guess I've forgotten about rolling up the chocolate chips will make it similar to the cheese earthquake loaf instead! This recipe was modified from Florence's Black Sesame loaf.

These were after the shaping.

Sprinkled some chocolate chips on it and roll it up like swiss roll.

Placed it in the loaf pan to proof further.

Cross section of the chocolate bread.

After cutting them, I put them into the container.

Recipe was extracted from 65C Black Seasame Loaf.
I added 3g bread improver, increase the tangzhong to 100g and replace sesame powder with cocoa powder. The bread wasn't sweet enough. Should have increase the sugar to about 60g.

Breads Again!

Lately, I'm into bread baking. I love to eat breads, therefore, I'm exploring the different flavours of breads, hoping that one day, I can bake yummy soft breads for myself and my family.

Using the TZ method again, the bread dough is allowed to proof to double its original size.

Then they are shaped and left it to proof a further 10mins.

After that, I added red bean paste, Nutella and some peanut butter on some of the dough. And let it proof for another one hour.

After one hour, they are brushed with egg and ready to be baked.

These are the breads I baked. The extra huge round one is the Nutella bread.

Recipe is extracted from Angie's Nutella Bread / 汤种榛果巧克力酱面包.
Note: My breads didn't turn out as nice as her. Skills are not up to mark yet! :p

Re-creating Claire Fontaine

I had loved the cake which we learnt from my baking school called CLAIRE FONTAINE. So I tried to replicate this cake again for my family, knowing that they will appreciate this as much as I do. Here is how it was made.

Sliced oranges were poached with sugar, water and Grand Marnier. It was then chilled for a minimum of two days. This was done on Tuesday.

Pastry cream was made on Wednesday. See how smooth it was.

The poached oranges were carefully selected and decorated on Friday

Poached oranges were cut finely and mixed with Pastry Cream.

Whipped cream was added to the pastry cream with poached orange, gelatine and Grand Manier.

The pastry cream mix was scooped to the cake ring layer by layer.

Finally, the sponge cake was covered with the pastry cream mix, and put it in the fridge to chill.

TA-RAH!! Finally, on Saturday, CLAIRE FONTAINE was revealed! It was brushed with neutral glaze to give it a nice shine.

This is the cross section of the cake - poached orange, pastry cream mix, sponge, pastry cream mix, sponge, pastry cream & sponge.

Finally, with some extra sponge cake and pastry cream mix, I put it into individual container. They're so pretty!

Recipe extracted from my baking school.