It's all breads weekend!

Suddenly had the urge to perfect my breads. Maybe because I still have some cakes in the fridge, so I didn't bake any cakes this weekend. I remembered seeing some breads baked in round cake pan, so I tried doing that today.

Brushed them up with egg.

Very brown and shiny after baking. Turns brown very fast in this kind of pan.

Spread them with sweetened condensed milk, and topped up with generous pork floss! Yummy!

The batch of breads I baked today.

Cheese & Sugar Breads

Started liking the cheese & sugar bread since my colleague told me to bake. Since I didn't bake my breads well the last time, I attempt to try it again today.

Baking a large bread in the oven.

Steps of adding the toppings on the breads.

Up close with an unbaked bread dough.

My loaves of freshly baked breads.

Up close with the browned cheese & sugar bread. Looks very nice and soft. Anyone wants to try?

Small Cupcakes for sale

Moist & delicious chocolate cupcakes that tastes chocky with each bite in the mouth. Suitable for any occasions.

20 small cupcakes per box, with simple toppings - $24.00
Size- Base diameter: 3.5cm, Height: 2.5cm.
MOQ - 1 packet
Order 4 days in advance. Self collection

My Baking Accessories

These are some of the apparatus and the accessories I have for baking. They are placed in boxes as I've ran out of place in my cabinets.

Containers, cake rings, paper cups and plastic containers.

These are paper cups for cupcakes and plastic containers for cupcakes too!

More paper cups for cupcakes! OMG, didn't know I have so many!!

Muffin trays, tray pans, small cake pans.

Rectangular pans and silicon mould.

Trying to take stock of what I have.

Cupcakes for my colleague

My colleague ordered cupcakes for her daughter's birthday, for a small celebration in school. Here is what I made for her.

Baking the cupcakes in the oven.

The cupcakes before frosting. Doesn't look that good though.

First box of cupcakes with frosting. Chocolate ganache with toppings.

Similarly, second box of cupcakes with frostings.

One pair of "girly" cupcakes for the two princesses: Isabelle & Elizabeth! ;)

My Saturday Dinner

I planned my Saturday dinner since Thursday, inviting my parents and sisters over to my place for dinner. Partly is because want to relieve my mum from cooking every Saturday, secondly was because I felt like making pizzas as I still have bacons left in the fridge. :p
So my menu for Saturday was:
Appetizers - Lobster Bisque & Vol-au-vent.
Main - Pizzas (& leftover Fried Bee Hoon from lunch)
Dessert - Strawberry Mille Feuille.

This is what I made for dinner.

Preparing the lobsters to be steamed. Bought these on Friday evening at Giant.

Lobsters were shy after steaming. :p The before and after.

Made egg mayo for my Vol-au-vents.

Specially for my children - Chao Shao Pizza!

This is for me actually - Spicy Bak Kwa Pizza!

This is bacon & sausages pizza.

Similar to the previous one, except without olives. I baked a total of 7 pizzas! But we only finished 5 in total.

Finally, it's dessert. These are called Mille Feuille. I used strawberries, whipped cream & choc ganache.

Cross section of my Strawberry Mille Feuille.

I was so tired after preparing for the whole day! But I'm happy that my family enjoyed it and appreciate it. I don't mind doing it every week too! ;)

Books I owned

Good books, I feel, should be owned. Therefore, I bought for myself certain baking books which I think it's worth to keep and refer. Here are my books.

One of my favourite and first book, recommended by Chef Judy - The Cake Bible.

Chef Alex Goh's Baking books.

Puff Pastry

I've always like puff pastry, like Chicken puff, tuna puff and curry puff. However, ever since I knew how puff pastry is being made from my course, it's just so sinful to be eating one.
However, since most of us like puff pastry, I thought I might as well try to make one myself. I've not tried it since the course. Here is the process.

Mix flour, sugar, salt and butter in a mixer.

Bought this puff pastry margarine at Gim Hin Lee on Tuesday. Enough for one dough.

When the dough is ready, place the pastry margarine in the centre.

Then wrapped it up and seal it tightly.

Roll out the pastry, and fold it like a blanket, 3 folds.

Then fold the other side into 3 folds also.

After that, roll it out flat again.

Then fold it like the previous time. This is the second fold.

I used a cookie cutter to cut out the shapes. Brushed lightly with eggs on the surface only.

Bake it in the oven and see it transformed into layers! This is for vol-au-vent.

Baked a container full of puff pastries.

Cross section of a Egg Mayo Vol-au-vent.

An Egg Mayo Vol-au-vent.

Pandan Swiss Rolls

Wanted to bake some simple cake to eat. So decided on Pandan Swiss Rolls so as to use up my coconut cream.

Pandan cake sheet.

Pandan swiss rolls with whipped cream.

Side view of the swiss rolls.

Recipe modified from my baking school's swiss rolls.

Mango Cake

I felt like baking a mango cake to give myself a good treat. So I spent the next 2-3 hours baking and decorating my mango cake. Give myself a pat on the back... Heehee...

Using the sponge cake mix, the cake rose very beautifully in the oven.

Sliced them up thinly in three pieces.

Add fresh cream and mangoes. First layer.

Second layer, another set of fresh cream and mangoes.

Cover up the cake with fresh creams all over. Foundation to a lady as to cream to a cake.

Give it some wave on the cream and topped it with mango.

The mango is so huge, covered up about 75% of the cake surface! Yummy!

Finally the cross section of my mango cake. Nine layers in total, high & delicious!

Cake recipe based on Alex Goh's sponge cake.