Home-cooked Fish Slice Noodles

My sister gave me lots of fish bones and fish heads last weekend. So I thought of cooking fish head noodles for lunch today. There were quite a lot of preparation to be done for cooking the fish head/slice noodles. This is the outcome.

Here are the simple ingredients:

Fish heads & bones (I used threadfin & salmon heads)
Ikan billis (for making the soup)
Fish slices (marinated with seasame oil, soya sauce & pepper)
Xiao bai cai
Tau pok
Fish cake slices
1 kg of fresh thick vermicelli
Hua Tiao Wine

Condiments include:
Fried onions
Spring onion & parsley
Fried garlic
Fried onion oil
Cut chilli with soya sauce & lime

I found that by adding the Hua Tiao Wine, the noodles soup really smell good and taste wonderful.

Don't need any recipes, just go by your guts. Can be prepared very easily & deliciously!!


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