A Detox and Wellness at Amity Wellness

I decided to go for a detox and wellness programme recommended by my sister's friend. She sang good reviews about the place, which tempted both of us to experience it.

The booking of the programme and the accommodation was done quickly, and so we booked an air ticket to Phuket, and off we went.

There was pre-screening of our diets and habits. And before we went, we were to be on a pre-cleansing programme for 14 days, namely to make our body more alkaline by avoiding mostly diaries and meats.

Induction and Consultation
Upon our arrival, we were ushered to a room to do our induction and consultation. Based on the pre-programme screening surveys, we were given a report of our diet & illness and toxicity. From this report, Michelle (the owner of Amity) will advise on the activities which we will undergo as part of the programme, and the diet we should take - four days raw food fast and three days intermittent fast for us. We also took our weight, visceral fats and body measurements during this time.
On the seventh day, we took the same measurements and make a comparision of how the programme have helped us. For me, there was no visible changes. :'(

Amity Wellness Amenities
The villa is not a huge place. However, it has most of the amenities that we required. 
  • Massage room with 2 beds
  • Colema with 4 individual rooms
  • Infra-red Inflammation room with 2 pods
  • Infra-red sauna
  • A pool
  • A bar, where we get our dosage of coconut juice
  • Seating areas around the pool
  • Function room
  • Steam sauna (outside the premise where we can also use)
  • Alkaline water refill points
Amity Freebies - Found in room
Included in our package were freebies from Amity. These include:
  • Notebook
  • Amity Introduction book
  • Pen
  • 1.6L BPA free water bottle
  • Amity Wellness singlet 
  • Thai (yoga) pants

Our room - Superior Deluxe
As there were two of us, we requested for a bigger room. The room has a king size bed, but they added another single bed for us. Upon arrival, we received the freebies on our bed respectively.
We have a kitchenette, where the staff will bring in our foods and placed them in the refrigerator. We also have sofa and table, and dressing table. There is also a tv, dvd player, alarm clock, and wardrobe in our room. There is a patio outside our room with a table and two chairs. There's where usually my sister and I had our meals.

General Activities
A typical day starts with an exercise at 7.15am, either a yoga, a fitness or a walk at the mountain. Following that, will be our daily group meeting, where we are rewarded with super shots and ginger tea. After that, it's our usual hourly activity. Noon time is also a common activity like health workshop, or food demo. After that, it's a trip to the beach if anyone wants to go. Otherwise, it'll be own activity or personal time. Evening time is usually a workshop. Typically, all activities are an hour duration. The usual general activities include:
  • Yoga, health fitness, mountain walk
  • Food demos, health talks, workshops
  • Evening talks and workshops
  • Infra-red Inflammation pod
  • Massage
  • Colema
  • Steam sauna (at another premise)
  • Morning meeting with supershot drinks
Workshops & Talks
Interesting workshops at noon include Human Hormones, Vitamins and food demos. Evening workshops include Reiki, NLP and tuning forks. Although these talks and workshops are organised for everyone, we can have the option not to attend it. These are not compulsory.

Additional Services
There are additional services which one might want to take up during their programme at Amity. These professionals work with Amity for a long time and they engaged only the good ones. For myself, I went for the Body Alignment, Ear Candling and Float. For the body alignment, the therapist did a twist to my right hip, stating that my hips were not balanced. After the session, he showed me an exercise to do everyday to balance my hip.
For the ear candling, it cleared my ear wax and I can actually see the amount being cleared.
The Float was something nice and relaxing. We float in the water of magnesium flakes. This allowed us to take in magnesium through our skin. We slept very well that night.
Other than the paid professional services, we found some time to venture outside the villa to have our mani and pedicures done (at a very cheap rate).

Meals & Supplements
Having said that we were on raw fast for four days, we had breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. A typical breakfast was granola with fruits. A typical lunch was shredded vegetable with some dressing and similar to dinner. Dessert was raw cake. And our supper was hot chicken broth. The food seems exciting at first, but after three days, my sister couldn't eat anymore. I was still happily enjoying the raw cold food.

However, with the supplements that were given to us, we didn't feel hungry despite having raw food. Supplements are usually in pill forms. They include spirulina, activated charcoal, probiotics, chlorophyll powder, fibre drink and coconut oil. After we started our intermittent fast, we had to take additional turmeric powder and bowel cleansing pills. During intermittent fast, we were not allowed to eat for 16 hours, therefore, we were only left with two meals a day - breakfast & dinner, with hot broth included. Actually with the activities and the supplements, we don't feel hungry. And we drink a lot of alkaline water there.
Amity Wellness_Medium
In conclusion, even though I didn't lose what I desired to, I have gained vast knowledge of healthy eating and living. There were a lot of information imparted to us. We were given a USB drive each which contains information which we need to know, and the recipes to the food we consume. The only thing I dislike was consuming the pills. I just couldn't swallow them.

Our favourite activity turned out to be Colema, which is colon cleansing. It felt good to cleanse the colon of the toxins that were built up over the years. The staff at Amity was very friendly and helpful. They knew what we were going through and gave us encouragement. It's not easy not to consume meat or other food stuff over a seven-day period. But we survived. 

This is one trip, where we relaxed, detox and build up our wellness. I will return again some day. Thank you to the wonderful team for a great experience.

[Note: I paid for my experience. This is not a sponsored post.]