Meyer Lemon Tartlets

Tis the Meyer lemons season.

Cannot resist Meyer lemons when I see them at the supermarket. Whether how I would use it, it doesn't matter to me. I'll just buy them then decide.

I made a meyer lemon pound cake and it was so moist and fragrant. With the extra lemons on hand, I decided to make into lemon curd so as to slowly savour it. Nudged by a friend to make tarts, and so, Lemon tarts were made. I can actually eat the lemon curd on its own. Meyer lemons has a very special taste. The curd was tarty and sourish. People I gave to, finds it nice and very refreshing. It is my favourite. And I think I can just simply use it as a bread spread. The curd is so versatile!

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Recipe for Meyer Lemon Tarts

Meyer Lemon Curd, modified from Sally's Baking Addiction

2 Egg yolks + 1 whole egg
75g Granulated sugar
2 Lemon zest
84g Lemon juice (from 2 Meyer lemons)
80g salted butter

1. Put all ingredients in a bowl, except for butter, over a pot of simmering hot water. 
2. Double boil till thicken then remove from heat and add butter in.
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3. Stir well to melt the butter.
4. Cover with cling wrap till ready to use. Otherwise, pour into a glass jar immediately and capped it. Cool it before placing in the fridge.

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Tart Shells, adapted from Lust by Audrey Tan
(Makes 30 mini tartlets)

63g Butter, salted
45g Granulated sugar
25g Egg white, or half a beaten egg
125g Plain flour, sifted

1. To mix by hand, cream butter and sugar with a wooden spoon until light and fluffy.
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2. Then add in egg and mix well.
3. Add flour to form the dough. (Added more liquid, the dough was difficult to gather)
4. Flatten the dough into a disc and cover with a plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 30mins.
5. On a floured surface, roll dough out into a 0.3mm thick sheet. Use a small round cutter to press out circles.
6. Place dough into prepared tartlet tins, ensuring that dough is well pressed into sides and bottom of tins. Prick bottom of each tart with a fork. (As mine was soft, I placed it into the fridge first before baking).
7. Blind bake at 180C for 14-15mins until browned at the sides.
8. Remove from the oven. The shells will harden when cooled.
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1. In the cooled tart shells, scoop the lemon curd.
2. Decorate with toasted pistachio nuts.
3. Chilled and serve, or can serve immediately.
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