Breads Again!

Lately, I'm into bread baking. I love to eat breads, therefore, I'm exploring the different flavours of breads, hoping that one day, I can bake yummy soft breads for myself and my family.

Using the TZ method again, the bread dough is allowed to proof to double its original size.

Then they are shaped and left it to proof a further 10mins.

After that, I added red bean paste, Nutella and some peanut butter on some of the dough. And let it proof for another one hour.

After one hour, they are brushed with egg and ready to be baked.

These are the breads I baked. The extra huge round one is the Nutella bread.

Recipe is extracted from Angie's Nutella Bread / 汤种榛果巧克力酱面包.
Note: My breads didn't turn out as nice as her. Skills are not up to mark yet! :p


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