Sisters Unite for Lunch

Since some years back, we had a "ritual" that four of us sisters, meet once a year minimum to have meals together. We'll take turns to pay. It started from my elder sister some years back, where she bought us dinner at Lingzhi in Far East Square. Followed by myself for dinner on 13 Mar 2006 in Basil Alcove. Third sister bought us lunch in one of the Japanese restaurant after a free seminar in California Fitness in Bugis. The lunch from my youngest sister, which was last Saturday was a long wait! Hahaha... We have been arranging and re-arranging since end of last year and finally, we get to have it.

Life is so interesting. When we were kids, the three of us (except my youngest sister) were not very close. We used to fight, quarrelled and disliked one another. As my youngest sister's age gap was slightly wider than us (five years while the rest of us was one to two years difference), she was not "entangled" in our fights. Lucky her! However, as we grow older, we become more mature and more accomodating and more forgiving. Somehow, we become closer. We'll just email one another weekly to update one another, or to arrange some dinners or functions. We will make it a point to go to my mum's place every Saturday.

I'm very blessed to have the support of my sisters and my family members in whatever things I do. I'm contented with this.

After lunch last Saturday, we went back to my elder sister's house to prepare for dinner, for our family members. She made roasted chicken and roasted vegetables. I had earlier baked some chicken pies to be brought over by my family for dinner as she was afraid the roasted chicken might not be enough to go round the hungry adults! The roasted chicken was really good. I'll try to bake it one of these days.


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