Coffee Chiffon

Surfing through those bloggers' sharings, seems like a few of them are baking Coffee Chiffons - Small Small Baker and e's joie. Actually I also have the same book which they used for their Coffee Chiffon. However, I thought it was easier to refer to their recipe. So I used the recipe shared by SSB for my Coffee Chiffon.

I doubled the recipe and baked into an 8" chiffon cake. I wanted it to be bigger and fluffier as I found smaller pans can't show the fluffiness too much. :P When I started, then I realised I've ran out of instant coffee powder! I'm not an instant coffee powder person. I very much preferred ground coffees with UHT milk. So, not wanting to give up baking this coffee chiffon, I heat up the milk and put 2 tablespoons of ground coffee into it and let it seep. Then I sieved out the ground coffee and used the coffee milk for my coffee chiffon. I also added ¼ tsp of coffee extract. The coffee chiffon turned out to be very aromatic, and the coffee was really very strong. Not sure if it was due to the coffee powder used, or my coffee extract. :p


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