Yuzu Curd

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I've seen Dreamers Loft lugging back yuzu fruit everytime she goes to Japan. Being curious about this fruit, I bought two from my recent trip to Tokyo. I've tried many yuzu flavoured drinks, desserts here, but have not actually seen this fruit. Now, I'm regretting not getting more of this!

I was wondering what to do with this fruit, baking chiffon with it seems a bit wasteful since I only have two, and my chiffon cakes are not perfect. Making jam might seemed too little. So when I saw Edith making Yuzu Curd, I decided curd it will be!

When I was making this curd, I realised that I could squeeze out more juice from my two yuzu fruit, therefore, I didn't use enough egg yolks to "curdle" it. Fortunately, after keeping it into the fridge, it wasn't too liquid. It was more gravy-like than curd-like after cooking. It was my oversight that I should have weigh the juice before starting on the egg yolks and sugar creaming. Nevertheless, it tasted good!
Recipe for Yuzu Curd, adapted from Rumbling Tummy.
(Makes approximately 180g)


2 Egg yolks (I should have used 3 egg yolks)
55g Castor sugar
30g Liv unsalted butter
71g Yuzu juice
Yuzu zest from 2 fruit


1. Whisk egg yolks with castor sugar until well combined.

2. Add in soften butter and yuzu juice.
3. On med low heat, stir mixture until thickens.  Do not boil.  Once it thickens and able to pass the wooden spoon test.  
4.Remove and strain into a sterlised container. (I skipped this step)
5. Stir in the zest and wait until it is totally cool before bottling.
6. Store well in fridge.


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