Our annual bloggers gathering

A few of us would initiate a food bloggers' gathering once a year. This year, I've decided to initiate one, and to held it at my place. As it was year end and school holidays, the turn out wasn't very good. However, that didn't dampen our mood. We proceeded with our plan.

Being food bloggers means our potluck dishes were homemade. In fact, many of us had already knew one another. The gathering was a time to catch up and share our foods.

Have a good festive season my friends!

Fried Pumkin Bee Hoon & Oriental Salad - Jane
Cheese & Ham puffs & Falalel - Veronica
Fried Radish Cake and Kong Bak Bao - Meg
Maple Pork Balls and Fruit tarts - Bee Bee
Apom berkuah - Alan
Osmanthus jelly - Annie
Chicken Wings & Japanese mochi - Rei



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