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I visit our "neighbour" very often. Usually once a month. On Good Friday, hubby decided to brave the traffic jam to visit our neighbour again. We brought our children to watch "Ah Boys to Men II" at KSL. My favourite shopping mall in JB is Aeon Tebrau City. Even though I've been there so many times, this was the first time I tried Arashi Shabu Shabu.

There are a variety of soup bases to choose from. My youngest son preferred to have his own miso soup, whereas my hubby shared herbal soup with my elder son, and I chose to have tom yam soup base. My daughter has no preference, so she shared with all of us. The sets for the shabu shabu starts from RM21.90. I ordered the salmon set at RM$29.90. A-la-carte meat starts from RM10.90. There are various sizes of meat plates, depending on whether you want to share, or for personal consumption.

Overall, I like the selection of items in the set meal, and the ingredients are very fresh. There was a long queue even after we left at half past eight. If you ordered a-la-carte separately, you can expect to pay quite a lot. Set meals are more value for money. We ordered a Garden Tea to go with our shabu shabu. The tea was fragrant and light. I like it.
I ordered this set.
Sauce table. Must try this sauce - Wafu Goma Sauce. It's sesame sauce and it's SUPER DUPER good!
Salmon set with Tom Yum soup base.
A-la-carte extra large NZ beef.
A-la-carte extra large lamb. It has a very strong taste, which I don't like.
Garden Tea. Very fragrant. Helped to clear the oily food.
Overall, it was a good experience at Arashi. However, I realised that after my dinner, I felt very thirsty. Still, it was worth a try. I will like to try other set meals in future.  We paid for the meals ourselves.

Arashi Shabu Shabu
Lot S26, 2nd floor
Aeon Tebrau City Shopping Centre
No. 1 Jalan Desa Tebrau
Taman Desa


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