Continental Breads 1

After last Saturday's workshop for California Style Baking, I just didn't want to stop attending workshops. We discussed with the instructors, and came to an agreement that we wanted to do continental breads. So they customised a 4-weeks workshop for us, just doing continental breads only. Doris, Su, Zainah and myself signed up immediately after last Saturday's workshop. We were really interested in breads after trying so many different types of breads baked by the students in the NITEC bread classes! I also think part of the reason was because we just didn't want to stop seeing one another! mushy! :p

I felt that attending workshops, like I've mentioned before, can really be addictive, especially hands-on. You get to learn and bring back what you have baked. I simply love those! As I spoke to my cookie art class participants, I realised I'm not alone! They also told me they loved to attend hands-on workshops, hence, the Cookie Art workshop! Phew! I'm so glad there are many people out there who has the same hobby as me too!

Anyway, back to the continental breads workshop. The first workshop was multi-grain and wholemeal.

1. Ingredients for multi-grain bread.
2. Kneading using dough hook.
3. Knead until all are combined into one dough.
4. Feel the elasticity of the ready dough.

After the first floor time doughs.

5. Mr Low showing us how to divide and shape the dough.
6. Ready for intermediate proofing.
7. Slitting the dough before baking.
8. Release the moisture from the steam oven during baking.

Finally, this is our wholemeal and multigrains breads. Half the class did the multigrain and the other did the wholemeal. So at the end of the class, we chose to bring back three breads of our choice. I brought back more multigrains as they were really good! I shall definitely attempt this at home, I just love how healthy this bread recipe is! No butter and no sugar! Yummy!


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