Green Tea Red Bean Bread

I have always like green tea, in whatever combinations. I finally found a recipe, simple for me to try. This is from Happy Home Baking blog. Baked this on Friday night.

The first round of proofing was done by poking a finger into the dough.

The red bean paste was placed in the centre of the dough.

Rolled it out and flattened it. Then rolled it like swiss roll.

Cut them out individually.

Put it into a cake pan, leaving it space to proof.

After proofing for about 45minutes, it covered the whole of the pan.

Baking the breads in the oven.

Fresh from the oven. Smells good, but it's a little tough. I think I didn't proof long enough. But it taste real good! Enough green tea taste!

Recipe is extracted from Happy Home Baking blog, Matcha Red Bean Loaf. Her step by step guide is very good. Do check it out!


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