Busy Baking on Saturday

Baking I: Tuna Puff Pastry

Had some puff pastry leftover in the freezer, so I made tuna puff pastry to finish it up.

The puff pastry "puffed" up in the oven. From "skinny" to "puffed".

Brushed it with egg before baking to make the pastry brown and shiny.

Cross section of the tuna puff pastry. Realised I put too little tuna. :p At least the layers can still be seen.

Baking II: Chocolate Swirl Bread Loaf

The chocolate loaf fresh from oven.

Cross section of the chocolate swirl slice. Nice chocolate patterns.

Baking III: Bacon & Mushroom Quiches
Baking for a group of 12 hungry people.

Mini quiche for the children.

Baking a few pans at a time.

Added tomato to make it more colourful.

Enjoy the food! :)


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