Blueberry Chiffon

Lately, there seemed to be abundant blueberries on sales in the supermarket. I bought a few packets of blueberries. Seeing that they had not been touched in the fridge, and turning soft, I decided to bake blueberry chiffons. Once a while, I still preferred to reuse the "tried & tested" recipes. I just realised the last time I baked a blueberry chiffon was at least half a year ago! I used this same recipe again.

I used a 9" tube pan and found that the chiffon was actually quite nice on top, at least it didn't crack. Then I realised that all these time, I've been pouring too much batter on my tube pan, that prevented it from rising too much and causing it to crack, and have a layer of moist batter on top!

These were some lessons I learnt again from this baking.
1) The previous recipe used 2 egg yolks + 1 tbsp milk. This recipe, I used 6 egg yolks without increasing the quantiy of the milk. Thus, the egg yolk batter was very very dry. It made folding very challenging.

2) I didn't smash the blueberries. I threw them in as it is. This also made the egg yolk batter drier. By smashing the blueberries, it will at least have some liquid to make the egg yolk batter more foldable.

Fortunately, the overall chiffon still looked alright and presentable. Even though foolproof recipe can be used again and again, the experience might not necessarily be the same all the time. Don't you just agree?


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