Two Baking Flops

ss_blog_claim=10137a20ef909f35190fad80f481797f I tried baking this week, but both turned out to be flops on different days.

Flop 1: Cookie "Sable Viennois"
I got this recipe from some where and suspected there was some typo in the sugar quantity. The cookie didn't turn out to be what I had tasted before! What a disappointment! :(


Baked, looks nice. Looks can be deceiving.
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Flop 2: Sponge Cake
I tried HHB's basic sponge cake, thinking that the ingredients looked so simple. Only to find out that after my mixing, I've burst all the bubbles, and my cake was totally flat with "potholes"!! How come?? The cake turns out to be as hard as stone. :( Must seek advice from the expert and try again!

Modern Art Museum

Close up on the inside of the cake.

Recipe from HHB, Basic Sponge Cake.


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