Banana Coconut Chiffon Cake

I'm into baking chiffon cakes recently. Firstly because I love to eat chiffons, secondly because I want to practice baking chiffon to improve my skills.

I bought bananas for my Banana coconut chiffon by adding desiccated coconut to give an extra texture. I made a boo-boo by adding more baking powder and baking soda than required because I saw the wrong measuring spoon. >_<" This caused my chiffon to have really big holes! \oOo/ Fortunately, the taste didn't compromise much. Very fine banana taste. 
Recipe for Banana Coconut Chiffon Cake.
(Makes a 9" chiffon tube pan)

235g Very ripe peeled bananas, approx. 2 large
6 Egg yolks
15g Castor sugar
60g Vegetable oil
105g Cake flour
1⁄2 tsp Baking powder
3/4 tsp Baking soda
1⁄8 tsp Salt
15g Desiccated coconut

6 Egg whites
9g Corn flour 
75g Castor sugar

1. Blend bananas, egg yolks, vegetable oil and 15g sugar till smooth using a handheld blender. 
2. Sift cake flour, baking soda and baking powder into mixture. Add salt and desiccated coconut. Mix with whisk till completely incorporated.
3. Separately whisk egg whites till frothy. Add corn flour into the sugar and mix well. Whisk till egg whites are foamy. Gradually add in sugar. Continue to whisk till egg whites reach firm peak stage.
4. Add egg whites to yolk mixture in 3 batches. Mix with whisk till almost even after each batch. Scrape down and fold with spatula till just evenly mixed.
5. Pour batter into the prepared chiffon pan. Bake in preheated oven of 160C for about 1 hour, till cake is well browned. [Incidently I underbaked mine and was still wet when I removed from the mould. 1hr should be good.]
6. Remove cake from oven. Invert and leave it till totally cool. 
chiffon_bananacoco1 chiffon_bananacoco3


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