Coconut & Lemongrass Rice

An accidental discovery I had when I ran out of pandan leaves one day while deciding to cook nasi lemak. In the end, I used lemongrass and the taste was fantastic! The first time my helper cooked, the coconut taste was not so prominent, but the coconut was very fragrant. The lemongrass smell was not prominent but there was a nice after taste. 
Then we did it again for a family dinner. This time, my helper cooked five cups of rice with 200g Kara coconut cream and a packet of 50g Santan Coconut powder with two stalks of lemongrass. It was very nice and well received by my family. Dad who initially took a little of the rice, decided to go for second helping. Some of us who usually didn't take rice, took some too! In the end, the rice wasn't enough and my helper had to cook another round. 

We bought some food for our Nasi Lemak, while the rest was cooked by my helper - Fried Selar fish, Fried Drumsticks, Fried eggs and Green vegetables. We also bought fishballs, beancurd fishcakes, otah, ikan bilis and sweet sambal chilli. Enjoy your nasi lemak with lots of dishes and chilli! Also to include cold Yuzu drinks to complete the meal. Sedap!
rice01 rice02 rice03 rice04


Baby Sumo said...
December 18, 2013 at 2:16 PM

Ooo lemongrass sounds like a wonderful addition. Must try it next time :)

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