4 Saving Tips for Cake Decorating Fanatics

Thanks to Kate Sorenson and her team of savings experts, this informative article was possible. As a busy and hardworking mother in addition to a couponing guru, Kate understands the costs that come with cake decorating.

When tightening one’s belt, one of the first luxuries to go by the wayside is fancy foods, especially deserts. Even before that, it’s common to ditch the frills that make your deserts look aesthetically pleasing. So, for the cake-decorating hobbyists out there, here are some ways to save while still continuing your craft.

Buy Tools for Cheap

Professional kitchen-grade tools, such as decorating tips and pastry knives, do not need to cost an arm and a leg. There are plenty of places to get these items for very cheap, even a fraction of the cost of buying them in stores.

In addition to that, you can save by avoiding buying tools that you might be able to “make” by repurposing other implements. For instance, if you are very handy with spatulas, and you don’t own a frosting spreader, just use your spatula instead. It may feel a bit clumsy, but it won’t take much practice.

If you still need to save more, try a different DIY approach.

Make your own Tools when possible

The easiest tool to make is a frosting applicator. All you need is a Ziploc bag to hold the frosting, and then a decorative tip. These can be bought for less than a dollar, but if you have an empty aerosol whipped cream can, the tip can be removed and used for your frosting bag.

Whether you buy or make your own tools, it’s important to not waste them.

Recycle your Tools

Professional kitchens always make a point to waste nothing, and this includes tools that seem disposable. Even if you make your frosting applicator out of a Ziploc bag, don’t throw it out when it gets dirty. Wash it out as you would any other dish, and dry it for further use.

You can also repurpose tools that aren’t even meant for baking. If you buy a large pizza in the near future, save the little white plastic tripod that supports the box top. Just as this piece protects the pizza from being crushed by the box, it can also be used when storing a cake by protecting the cake from the plastic wrap.

If you already have all of your tools purchased and in your possession, then you’re probably looking for other ways to save when baking and decorating cakes.

Use Recipes with Few, Cheap Ingredients

Completely homemade cakes are often quite expensive and rack up a large tab in ingredients. However, semi-homemade cakes taste just as brilliant and cut your ingredients to a minimum.

As long as you use butter and not olive oil, these cakes will still taste homemade because the cake mix is only being used as “flavored flour.”

Cake decorating doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. All you need to do is get creative, and reuse things when possible. The result you’ll get is a cake that is delicious, pretty, and also unique!

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