Spizzico and Laurent's Cafe

Some weekends back, we had our sisters' lunch. I bought a the voucher from deal.com.sg for Spizzico Ristorante Italiano. It is located in UE Square. We were there earlier than expected for lunch. When we reached the restaurant, it was still empty. The restaurant had a "fine dining" set up, with the usual cockeries and wine glasses. The indoor setting were pretty small. It got filled up rather quickly.

The overall experience at this restaurant was just so-so. We found the food to be overly-priced, for something which were not so authentic or fantastic. The dessert fridge didn't look appetizing, so we decided we to skip it totally. I doubt I will visit this restaurant again.

From top left corner: Mixed Salad ($14), Parmigiana ($14) and Sauteed Wild Mushroom ($18).
Mixed Salad was very ordinary. To pay $14 for a bowl of greens is quite pricey in my view. It was just pure greens.

Parmigiana, which was supposed to be famous in Italian dish was a disappointment. According to my sisters, authentic Parmigiana wasn't supposed to taste like that. It was aubergine with baked cheese and tomato sauce. The taste was quite alright.

The Sauteed Wild Mushroom was the best appetisers amongst them. There was this grilled taste though. I like the it though. However, a bit pricey for the quantity we had. :p

Main Course
Ravioli Crabmeat ($24) was good. Even though the pasta was rather thick, there was enough fillings to complement the texture. Even though there was a hint of fishiness, it still tasted very good. The sauce included sundried tomatoes, which were our favourites.
Pizza Salmone ($20) tasted good with its fresh smoked salmon. The crust was thin and topped with lots of rockets.
After lunch, we felt that we were not satisfied. So we proceeded to Laurent's Cafe at Robertson Quay. I was "wowed" by the specialty chocolate sections and the chocolate desserts on display. The ambience was really country. We loved it. I supposed there is a price to pay for good chocolates. I'm sure this is not the last time I'll be there! The amount I paid for the desserts was almost the same as my lunch! Haha...
Laurent1 Laurent2
Carupano Venezuela Hot Chocolate ($9) was far better than their Classic Hot Chocolate Caraïbe 66% ($8). Venezuela Hot Chocolate has a deeper, richer and more spicy taste than the Classic. Classic tasted a bit too much milk. You can only realised the difference when you tried both. However, if you ordered only Classic, you might also like it. [I had forgotten to take a picture of the hot chocolate.] A fudgey dark chocolate cookie was served with the Hot Chocolate. Double yummy!

Next up, Pleasure ($9.80). Layers of chocolates with whipped chocolate cream and hazelnut praline on a thin vanilla sponge cake. Generous hazelnuts with the praline. I love this to bits!
Chocolate Truffle ($7.80). Nothing to shout about this truffle cake though. I think many of the bloggers can make similar cake. I like that it is not too sweet, it's really something that I can make at home, with dark and good quality chocolates.
Chocolate Tart ($7.80). This was the reason my sister brought us here. According to her, the chocolate tart here is the best. I have to agree. The crust was thin and crispy. There was a layer of hazelnut praline, followed by the chocolate. It's dark chocolate. It's to die for. Goes really well with the whipped cream.  We had chocolate overdose for that day. However, we're happy with that!


chunkycooky said...
May 29, 2012 at 9:24 AM

I guess woman always has a special place for desserts, even though they might just had their main course of lunch/dinner ! Haha ! And yes, I love the beautifully presented chocolates and desserts ! Thanks for the recomendation !

passionbaker said...
May 29, 2012 at 9:08 PM

Hi chunkycooky. Don't get hooked, it can cost ya! :)

Anna said...
June 11, 2012 at 10:40 PM

I love the beautifully presented chocolates and desserts ! Thanks for the recomendation !

Thecoffeesnob said...
June 11, 2012 at 11:06 PM

Laurent's cafe has some of the best chocolate I've ever had in Singapore; completely worth the slightly hefty price!

By the way, I think it's so sweet you and your sisters catch up all the time, even if it did involve a disappointing lunch. After all, it's the company that counts right? :)

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