At Singapore Flyer

My dear father helped me to get some Singapore Flyer tickets at some corporate rates. So I decided to bring my children and my parents-in-law to Singapore Flyer since they have never been before. I've been there once about three years ago for my organisation's function. The young and the old alike, enjoyed the ride very much. As for me, I was busy snapping pictures away!
After the ride, we explored the surrounding in vicinity before adjourning for our dinner.  I brought my parents in law to Orchard Central to take the long escalator ride up to the 11th floor. It was quite an experience for them. My children felt that it was fun to take the rides, they enjoyed it too!

Actually the purpose for bringing them to Orchard Central was to go for the dinner at Tung Lok Seafood. I love their food very much, especially their salted fried salmon skins. As the children were hungry, I ordered two plates of the fried salmon for them, and in no time, the plates were empty!

These were the foods we ordered.
After dinner, we proceeded to their roof top garden. We took some pictures before going home. I'm glad that my parents in law and children enjoyed the ride and the dinner.


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