My elder son, Aloysius, has been harping me to make donuts for him since last year. I bought a "Donut" recipe book last December at JB, and I haven't used it yet. Since it was the last few days of school holiday, I decided to make some for the children before they get busy with school work, and me, on my coaching.

I halved the recipe, not very confident that I wanted to do so much frying. When I did the frying, I confirmed that my frying skills are truly no good! The donuts turned out to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Aloysius commented that it tasted more like fried fritters (油条) than donuts when eaten plain. However, he said that he liked it.

I topped the donuts with chocolate ganache, and some with crushed oreos. I didn't have the opportunity to keep them, they were gone within minutes! 
Recipe for Chocolate & Oreo Donuts, extracted from Donut by Wendy Kor & Clement Lim
(Makes approximately 20 3" donuts)
This recipe is halved of the original


200g Bread flour
50g Plain flour
10g Instant yeast

40g Sugar
5g Salt

1 Egg
110g Cold water
(total liquid should add up to 150g)

100g Butter

Chocolate ganache
Crushed Oreos
(or any other toppings of your preference)

  1. Mix (A),add in (B) & (C) and beat at medium speed for 5 minutes. Add (D) and mix for further 10-15 minutes until it is smooth and elastic.
  2. Leave the dough on floured surface, covered with clingfilm. Let it rise for 40 mins till double in size.
  3. Roll out dough to 1.5cm thick. Rest for 10 minutes, cut out donut using its mould. Transfer to a floured surface, leave aside for a further 30 mins to allow donut to rise.
  4. Heat up sufficient oil to around 160C, deep fry donut until golden brown on both sides. Dish out and drain. Let it cool. (It took me about 2-3mins to fry both sides.)
  5. Topped it with chocolate ganache and/or crushed oreos.

I'm submitting this to the Aspiring Bakers #8 - Bread Seduction.


Precious Moments said...
June 25, 2011 at 10:09 PM

Wendy Kor's recipes I thought was kind of good. Perhaps she is only good with cakes. Nevertheless, love those toppings on the donut. I am sure they are gone by now.

jo said...
June 26, 2011 at 12:02 AM

I absolutely love donuts and the only thing that has put me off from making them is the frying part. So in the meantime I just buy it from the bakeries.

passionbaker said...
June 26, 2011 at 9:38 AM

Yes Edith! It was long gone. No chance to put into container! :p Since you said Wendy Kor's recipe are good, maybe I should give it a try again. Thanks for the info.

passionbaker said...
June 26, 2011 at 9:38 AM

Jo, I totally agree with you! That was why I procrastinated for so long before I attempt this. Now, I wonder if I will ever attempt this frying again...

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